We are Backcountry Romania

We’re a group of mountain loving people who want to bring the mountain closer to you.
We design experiences that make that possible for all people, all levels and all physical fitness.
We love exploring and we believe in biking as a support for cultural, gastronomic and agro tourism as well. On our tours you’ll always get a chance to meet the Shepherd high in the mountain, visit historical sites, meet the locals, taste the moonshine and marvel in how many uses Romanian cuisine has for lard.

Meet Lucian

Lucian is up the mountain pretty much all year long. On his feet, on his bike, on his skis or on his motocross bike.
He is a certified Romanian Mountain Guide, certified MIAS Mountainbike Group Leader and the first guy to say ‘let’s go ride that ridge over there and see where it goes’. Chief explorer with a contagious energy.

Meet Cristi

Born and raised in the mountain town of Brașov, Cristi has been riding since he was a kid barely able to walk. Now he’s a grown up certified mountainbike, snowboard and ski instructor, successfully passing on his passion for the mountains.

Give us a call and let’s start planning your ride!
Cezar Bolliac Street, Brașov, Romania
Lucian: 0766 434 983
Maria: 0724 744 244

Give us a call and start planning your ride!
Lucian: 0766 434 983
Maria: 0724 744 244