MountainBike Academy

Your first steps from the urban concrete to the mountain trail!

Come take your first pedals up the mountain! You enjoy biking around the city or in the parks but feel there’s so much more cycling has to offer? You are correct! This course will open up an entire world of possibility. Once you learn to ride the mountain there is no limit to where you can take your bike!

We offer a two day course where you will learn to control your bike on all terrain, how to safely brake, how to efficiently change gears and set yourself before any obstacle along the way. All with a certified MIAS MTB Group Leader to watch your every step and correct you along the way.

Here are just some of the things you’ll learn:

  • The correct position on a mountain bike according to incline – flat, uphill, downhill

  • How to efficiently change gears, how to know when to switch and use it to your advantage

  • How and when to time your brakes for a safe stop

  • Turns – how to approach them and clear them safely

  • MTB service on the go – how to fix your flat or change a tyre

  • MTB maintenance – check brakes, tyre pressure, chain etc

We start off with some theory, then we train on the pump track and then we go on the trails for hands on practice. A round two days spent outdoors, having fun and learning while surrounded by like minded people.

85 EUR

2 days

Cheile Grădiștei

The MTB Academy package includes:

2 day course lead by a certified MIAS Group Leader
All course materials
Unlimited access to the pump track for practice
Head, knee, elbow protection (if you don’t own your own)
Electric Hybrid Bicycle for a special tour on the second day

It does not include:

(we recommend booking Friday and Saturday nights at the Cheile Gradistei Fundata Resort – 10% discount if you mention it’s for the Backcountry Romania MTB Academy)
Mountain bike
Transfer to and from your home town to Cheile Gradistei

Give us a call and let’s start planning your ride!
Lucian: 0766 434 983
Maria: 0724 744 244

Give us a call and start planning your ride!
Lucian: 0766 434 983
Maria: 0724 744 244